Lettings Agent office building

Project: Lettings Agent office building



Lettings Agent office building

We carry out work for numerous letting agents either servicing boilers, repairing boilers, fixing leaks or changing boilers.

On this occasion we were asked to replace a boiler in a small commercial property in North London as the current boiler had stopped working and the system was in need of updating.

After performing a site survey we decided to not inly upgrade the boiler to a condensing unit but also install thermostatic radiator valves on all radiators and separate programmers for each of the four heating zones to make it easier for the employees to control.

The boiler we installed was a Worcester Bosch GB162 65kW unit that had a conventional flue system running up a chimney, this was due to the boiler being located in the centre of the building and on the middle floor.

To control the heating zones we installed 4 separate programmers to make it as easy as possible for the staff to control instead of a 4 channel programmer which many end users find tricky to operate correctly.

All parts were labelled for easier maintenance and operation.