Wireless Honeywell Evohome control System

Project: Wireless Honeywell Evohome control System



Wireless Honeywell Evohome control System

As we are Honeywell Connected Specialists we get many enquiries from customers requesting for us to install the Honeywell Evohome control system.

The important part to installing this system is to speak to the customer at the start and make sure they understand what the system is, how it works, whats involved with the installation of the system, what they want from the system and how much it will cost.

This system allows the heating system to be split into a numerous amount of different heating zones for full control of the temperature and time periods to different rooms within a property by using wireless thermostatic radiator valve heads, wireless thermostats and Underfloor heating thermostats.

On this occasion the property was in an old manor house that had been converted into multiple apartments, this apartment covering 3 floor levels with 11 rooms and 20 radiators.

After performing a signal test we found that due to the layout of the property and the thick walls the signal was not being sent to every room from the location the customer wished to have the main control unit.

To get over this we had to use two main control units and split the zones between them.

This system also allows the user to control their hot water times using the hot water kit fitted to the hot water cylinder.

This system is excellent for larger properties where a number of rooms are not being used for long periods or if the lifestyle of the occupants is a bit chaotic as the entire system can be controlled via an Android or iOS device from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

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