Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technologies, like solar, air source heat
pumps and ground source heat pumps offer an alternative to
fossil fuels and can help reduce your homes CO2 emissions.

When used together a Greenstar boiler and solar system
provide a highly efficient system to give heating and
hot water comfort

Air source heat pumps are cost effective, low maintenance
and aesthetically pleasing, Air to Air heat pumps can heat or
cool up to 120 square metres allowing for many applications;
open plan areas for business, classrooms, places of worship,
loft and basement conversions or house extensions – in fact
any open areas which require heating or cooling. The units
also act as air purifiers and particulate filters using “Cluster
Ion Technology”, they don’t dry out the air – as air conditioning
units do – so are excellent for allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers alike.


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